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Happy Life, Rule 5: we must take care of our aging parents sincerely, paying attention to their physical and mental needs

Taking care of our aging parents

Children can satisfy their aging parent’s material needs easier these days due to contemporary commercial development. However, they often neglect their parents’ emotional needs. They think they are filial enough just by providing enough food and shelter to their aging parents.

To serve parents includes 3 aspects:

  • Satisfying our parents’ bodily needs by giving our parents enough food and clothing
  • Satisfying our parents’ hearts so they do not worry about us
  • Make our parents feel proud by having good morals and a good character, becoming an example for others to follow

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Happy Life, Rule 2: Spare Worry to our Parents by Taking Care of Ourselves

Taking care of ourselves

The most basic filial piety to our parents is not to make them worry. There is a saying by Xiao Jin that “My body inclusive of the hair and the skin are all given by my parents. I dare not damage or hurt them.”

To commit suicide is the most stupid and unfilial gesture because it is very difficult to have a chance of becoming a human being according to the Buddhist Sutra. Living on the planet is an oportunity to learn life’s wisdom in order to serve the community. At the same time, it is the chance to develop our soul by completing what we can do in this life.

There is a solution to our problems.

Facing problems helps us grow as an individual. When unfavourable situation appears, we must face it positively and deal with it sensibly and objectively.Holding positive and optimistic thoughts will make us happy in the end.

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Sixty Rules for a Happy Life: No. 1, Filial Piety

These 60 rules come from Professor Yu-Hern Chang’s Sixty Rules for a Happy life book, which introduces the traditional Chinese education of ethics and morality. By following the ethics and morality, human beings can avoid falling into the three evil realms: hell, hungry ghosts and animal.

Confucius stated that filial piety is the base of all virtues and the starting point of all teachings. This Chinese philosophy encourages a selfless universal spirit in the world by cultivating service to others mentality. Hence, application of filial piety covers relationships beyond oneself and his/her parents or teachers. For example, good relationships between siblings in the family can determine if filial piety is practised by an individual. This is because fights between children can make the parents sad and reduce the overall family’s happy life.

Filial piety is the rule number one. As a person in this world, we should be grateful to many other humans especially to our parents and teachers. Parents give us life, nurture us and enable us to be strong and healthy; while teachers show us the right path in life to follow. Without filial piety, generation gap between the old and younger generations is widened if the younger generation does not take care of the older.

Teachers guide us to the right path.

Additionally, children can practise filial piety by taking care of themselves because parents constantly think of their children’s well being.

Filial piety is our way of returning parents’ love

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Better Spiritual Human Journey Together

I believe that we are spiritual beings with human bodies while we are on Earth. There are things we need to learn in this lifetime. Our current lives are governed by our previous karma. Our fixed karma are hard to overcome. I learn from a master that we can smooth out our karma through a discipline of spiritual practice.

Through this website, I will share my journey as a spiritual practitioner. I have been taught that we are very lucky to have a physical human body because we can grow faster in this realm. Through physical practice or activity, we overcome our karmic obstacle and ascend our soul to a higher existence. Hence, I will share what I have learnt from my master in order to encourage you to become a better human being on Earth. Alternatively, you can share yours here. I am always happy to learn new mind opening lessons.