Go vegan to save planet Earth !

Go vegan to save our home, planet Earth !

There are many reasons that we all should become vegan. Vegan is a healthier diet which prevents cancer, heart disease and other diseases caused by meat eating.

Vegan diet is environmentally friendly and can save our planet Earth from global warming. Plant based food uses a lot less water and land resources. For those who are into statistics, you can get the stats from instagram or other place.

Being vegan is also being compassionate.­ There is a few documentaries where undercover investigators went into animal farming and saw first hands extreme animal cruelties. If you can stomach to watch such documentaries, here is the list: Dominion, Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Food inc, Forks over Knives.

The restaurants offering vegan meals are growing. Even the fast food chains such as KFC and Burger Kings are offering alternative plant based food due to increasing demands.

The number of people becoming vegan is slso on the rise especially the celebrities. Recent vegan list includes Sia, Kim Kardashians, Kevin Hart, Mike Tyson, Simon Cowell, Ellen Pompeo, Ruby Rose, Will.i.am, Miley Cyrus, Bryan Adams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Drake, Olivia Wilde, Jay Z and Beyonce. The vegan celebrity list keeps growing which is inspirational.

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