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Happy Life, Rule 2: Spare Worry to our Parents by Taking Care of Ourselves

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Taking care of ourselves

The most basic filial piety to our parents is not to make them worry. There is a saying by Xiao Jin that “My body inclusive of the hair and the skin are all given by my parents. I dare not damage or hurt them.”

To commit suicide is the most stupid and unfilial gesture because it is very difficult to have a chance of becoming a human being according to the Buddhist Sutra. Living on the planet is an oportunity to learn life’s wisdom in order to serve the community. At the same time, it is the chance to develop our soul by completing what we can do in this life.

There is a solution to our problems.

Facing problems helps us grow as an individual. When unfavourable situation appears, we must face it positively and deal with it sensibly and objectively.Holding positive and optimistic thoughts will make us happy in the end.

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